Friday, March 30, 2012

5 Tips To help Get You On The Path To Weightloss

1.INCREASE your LEAN protein intake
Increasing your lean protein can do wonders for your physique.It helps speed up your metabolism and it saves your muscles.Remember more muscle more calories burned..Muscle BURNS FAT!!

2.INCREASE your WATER intake
I'm sure you've heard this a million times..and the reason is because it's TRUE!!
Start balancing you water levels and removing toxins by increasing your water hydration.Our bodies are 60% water.Therefore you need ample amounts to keep your body working at it's best.The more water your drink;The less your body will feel it needs to hold on to more water(water retention).

Okay when I was in high school I weighed 200lbs.I did not gain that weight by drinking water and eating healthy.I would drink tons of soda and juice anything with sugar.Changing this habit alone has been one of the best things I've done for my body.You will lose weight by not drinking beverages with calories.Those beverages contain SUGAR and sugar holds water and is also stored as fat.

4.WORKOUT 30mins a DAY
This is a starting point!!30 can do so much in 30 mins.
You can turn on your favorite music and start dancing(um'cardio) Add in some kicks and punches now your kickboxing after about 7 songs.Bam.Cardio done!

5.EAT VEGETABLES as your carbohydrates for dinner
If your trying to lose weight you want your body to utilize what it already has fat,carb(glycogen) storage.If you're not USING it your body is STORING it!!Eat for the energy you need.

I hope these tips help you get on the right path to weightloss.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask...Happy FITNESS Y'all!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Less is More MAKEUP tutorial

Looking flawless is something every girl strives for when they look in the mirror before they put their makeup on.No one looks in the mirror and says...I want to look like a clown.I want every one to know I'm wearing I refuse to
So today I'm going to share a few steps that help me achieve a clean look w/out over doing it.

Step1- Always start with a clean moisturized canvas.This is art people treat it as so. If you have dead skin and your skin has a dull look,Exfoliate the night before and moisturize.This will leave you with a glowing canvas in the morning.

Step2-Now pause & look at your skin.Look at the areas that have shadows and hyper-pigmentation.
For many this is the under eye area,nasolabial folds(the sides of the nose down to the smile lines),the under the lower lip & the corners of the mouth.

Step3-Get a foundation that matches your skin tone when the light hits it.This will provide your skin with an uplifted brightness.Put a small amount on your finger(ring finger-weakest finger-best for applying makeup so there is less tugging on the skin),or brush.Now start by covering the areas in Step2.Just dap small amounts.

Step4-Now get a fluffy brush and blend those areas going outwards.Getting the surrounding areas of the face. Apply more as needed and blend.

Step 5-Get a creamy concealer to conceal any dark spots or dark areas that are still showing through.Dab a little and blend softly.

Step 6-Set your work with a powder that is either translucent or matches your skintone.You do this by getting that same fluffy brush,dust it in the powder,tap off the excess & lightly apply it to your face with swirling motions...Remember less is more.

This should provide you with a great start for your classic daytime look,or your smokey eye look.Either one you will be set...Enjoy xoxo,britebee

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Get the look for less-Make me Nude!

Ok,ok....we all know Nude pumps are all the rage right now.However,we still want to be able to afford to wear these pumps somewhere once we get them.So what do we do??????WE GET THE LOOK FOR LESS!!!!!

    SPULURGE:Christian Louboutin (above)

Savvy Save:Steve Madden $104.99
Savvy Save:Charlotte Russe $30
(buy now & get $15 off a second pair)
SPLURGE:Christian Louboutin 

Savvy Save:Chinese Laundry $49.95

Savvy Save:Steve Madden $99.95
Savvy Save:Steve Madden $99.95

Savvy Save:Chinese Laundry $49.95

Savvy Save:FootCandy $97.50

I hope all of these super savvy saves were helpful..Feel free to leave comments or questions if you need help getting a look for less...xoxo,britebee

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Guilt Free Peanut Butter Cookies...yum!!!!

You will need:
1 cup natural peanut butter
2 egg whites
3/4 cup stevia
1 scoop protein powder (optional)
1 tbsp. cinnamon (optional)

Here's how to make it! Enjoy!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rest In Paradise Whitney Houston

My heart is so sad.her voice was such an inspiration to me as a young girl.I still can go back to songs and feel the same intriguing feeling I felt years ago.Peace be with you Whitney.You are gone;but you will never be forgotten.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Get the look for Less

we all love fashion..however,we also love are pockets staying full.what to do,what to do...YOU GET THE LOOK FOR LESS!!!
RED SKINNY JEANS.......cute!You can rock them with a leopard top..pair with chambray or a white blouse..the fashion statements are limit less...and anyone can make them their own.

SPLURGE: 7 For all mankind $169

                                                   SAVVY SAVE:Charlotte Russe $29.99

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